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Group photo from the February 16, 2008 promotion test

February 10, 2007 promotion test:

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December 2, 2006 promotion test

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Group photo from the September 16, 2006 promotion test

November 6, 2004 promotion test:

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Sparring Sparring

On Fridays after regular class, a supervised light-contact sparring class is held where participants use protective gear.

Group photos from the December 13, 2003 promotion test

Group photos from the June 14, 2003 promotion test

Pictures from the December 1999 promotion test:

  1. Group photo
  2. Black belt performing pattern
  3. Kids during test
  4. During the test
  5. Black belt
  6. The judges
  7. Red belts doing 3-step sparring
  8. White belt displaying boards
  9. Students waiting their turn
  10. The judges during the test
  11. Testers who have already tested
  12. Young white belts getting ready
  13. Green belt breaking #1
  14. Green belt breaking #2
  15. Green belt facing judges
  16. White belt board-breaking
  17. White belts after board-breaking
  18. Free sparring
  19. Preparing to spar
  20. Preparing to spar
  21. Free sparring
  22. More free sparring
  23. More free sparring

Photos from a typical class session

Don's breaking, part 1 Don's breaking, part 2

Demonstrations of Don Hedrick's concrete breaking technique, from the December holiday party at Han's Tae Kwon Do. This demonstration was also part of Don's third dan test. Select the pictures to see the MPG video files (770K and 892K, respectively).

Jeff's concrete break
Jeff Williams breaks 4 pieces of concrete for a promotion test on September 16, 2006.
Speed break
Speed break on 5 boards with a jumping front punch

Grand Master Han Min Kyo and Jeff Williams

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