This pattern is named after the holy Dan-Gun, the legendary founder of Korea in the year 2333 BC.

0Parallel ready
1W(90CCW)Right LDouble knife-hand guarding block
2WRight walkingRight high punch
3E(180CW)Left LDouble knife-hand guarding block
4ELeft walkingLeft high punch
5N(90CCW)Left walkingLeft low block
6NRight walkingRight high punch
7NLeft walkingLeft high punch
8NRight walkingRight high punchKiyap!
9E(270CCW)Right LTwin forearm block
10ERight walkingRight high punch
11W(180CW)Left LTwin forearm block
12WLeft walkingLeft high punch
13S(90CCW)Left WalkingLeft low block
14SLeft walkingLeft high block
NOTE: Perform 13&14 in continuous motion.
15SRight walkingRight high block
16SLeft walkingLeft high block
17SRight walkingRight high block
18W(270CCW)Right LLeft knife-hand strike
19WRight walkingRight high punch
20E(180CW)Left LRight knife-hand strike
21ELeft walkingLeft high punchKiyap!