This pattern was named after the Hwa-Rang youth group which originated in the Silla Dynasty about 1350 years ago. This group eventually became the actual driving force for the unification of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. The number of moves refers to the 29th Infantry Division where Tae Kwon-Do developed into maturity. Grand Master Han Cha Kyo created this pattern.

0Closed Ready C
1NSitting Middle Pushing Block w. Left Palm.
2NSittingMiddle Punch w. Right Fist, fast motion.
3NSittingMiddle Punch w. Left Fist, fast motion.
4E(90CW)Left LTwin Forearm Block.
5ELeft LUpward Punch w. Left Fist, pulling Right Side Fist in front of Left Shoulder.
6ELeft FixedMiddle Punch w. Right Fist, sliding Right Foot to form Fixed Stance.
NOTE: 4/5/6 are to be performed in continuous motion.
7EVerticalDownward Strike w. Right Knife-Hand, pulling Right Foot from 6 to form Vertical stance.
8ELeft WalkingMiddle Punch w. Left Fist.
9N(90CCW)Left WalkingLow Block w. Left Forearm.
10NRight WalkingMiddle Punch w. Right Fist.
11NPull Left Foot toward Right Foot, bringing Left Palm on Right Fist, bending Right Elbow.
12NSide Piercing Kick w. Right Foot, then lower it to form Left L stance and execute a Middle Side Strike w. Right Knife-Hand.
NOTE: 10/11/12 are to be performed in continuous motion.
13NLeft WalkingMiddle Punch w. Left Fist.
14NRight WalkingMiddle Punch w. Right Fist.Kiyap!
15E(270CCW)Right LDouble Knife-Hand Guarding Block.
16ERight WalkingMiddle Thrust w. Right Staight Fingertip.
17W(180CCW)Right LDouble Knife-Hand Guarding Block.
18WRight LRound-House Kick w. Right Foot, fast motion.
19WLeft LRound-House kick w. Left Foot, fast motion, then lower it to form Right L stance while executing Double Knife-Hand Guarding Block.
20S(90CCW)Left WalkingLow Block w. Left Forearm.
21SRight LMiddle Punch w. Right Fist, pulling Left Foot from 20 to form Right L stance.
22SLeft LMiddle Punch w. Left Fist.
23SRight LMiddle Punch w. Right Fist.
24SLeft WalkingLow Pressing Block w. X-Fist.
25SRight LRight Elbow Thrust, moving Right Foot S in sliding motion to form Right L stance.Kiyap!
26W(90CCW)ClosedMiddle Block w. Right Inner Forearm and Low Block w. Left Forearm.
27WClosedMiddle Block w. Left Inner Forearm and Low Block w. Right Forearm.
28WRight LDouble Knife-Hand Guarding Block.
29E(180CCW)Left LDouble Knife-Hand Guarding Block.